Good Food for Health of Men

There are abundant vitamin C in tomatoes. Vitamin C can combine cells and help produce ossein, so that tomatoes are good for blood vessels.

Soybeans have Plant hormones. Often eating soybeans can reduce the odds of getting attacked by prostate cancer.

Potassium in carrots can help reduce blood pressure. Carotene can transform into vitamin A, to improve the immunity, to restrain the worsen of cells. They help prevent from cancer somehow.

There are large amount of Zinc in semen. When men lack Zinc, the quantity and quality of sperm reduce. One oyster have enough Zinc which a man need in one day (about 15 mg). What's more, oysters have many glycogen and taurine, they are good for the liver.

Garlics can kill many bacteria inside our bodies. It is good for men to eat many garlics. Some plant chemical factors in garlics are good for the heart.

Whole Wheat Breads
To cope with pressure, vitamin B is very important. Whole wheat breads are compound carbohydrate, they can release energy slowly to assuage and release the bodies.

Abyssal Fishes
Pressure increase the risk for hyperlipedemia and apoplexy in men. -3fatty acid in abyssal fishes can prevent blood from condensing, reduce the contracting of blood vessels, reduce triglyceride and so on. They are good for the heart and blood vessels.

Polyphenol in grape skin remains in wine. Polyphenol reduce the odds of getting CVDs. However, there are much heat in wine, so it is suggested by dietitians that do not drink over 60 ml wine in each day.

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