Radical Cure

How to buy the pills

Trading and shipping processes

Use PayPal to pay:
Please click on "Buy Now" button on the head of the product page Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to enter the PayPal transaction page for paying. You can change the buying quantity but not more than three. Shipping charges in the button are the costs worth of sending the products to the United States. Different areas cost different express charges. If you are from other area, please send us an E-mail to wuhandrlee@hotmail.com. You should write down the name of the drug you want to buy in the title and indicate your detailed mail address. We will reply you the E-mail including the PayPal button at once and then you can pay by this button.

We will make the delivery immediately within three days since payment was received. The products will be delivered by air and usually be received in one week. The express services are provided by EMS of China.(https://www.ems.com.cn/english/) . We will send a emal to you when the products are sent to express company.

Return of goods:
if the receipt was different from the descriptions, you can return the goods. (Not including the situation of transform and minor break due to a delivery collision.) Please contact us after you make a return and tell us the reasons. As soon as we received the return goods, we will refund except shipping charges through PayPal.
Please take the pill according to the specification of the pills. Any problem please contact Dr. Lee.

Way of refund:
If you purchase our medicine for the first time and have already taken the medicine within  half a month, you have a right to apply for a refund as long as our medicine really doesn't work to you.
You have to send the remaining medicine back to us and contact us immediately to tell us why you refund your money and how much medicine you send back to us. What’s more, the amount of medicine which you have taken must be less than that of half a month worth of medicine. Please contact us by sending E-mail to wuhandrlee@hotmail.com
When we receive the returned medicine, we will immediately refund all your money except transportation expenses through Paypal.

This rule of refund only applies to the patients who purchase our medicine for the first time. Patients who have purchased the same medicine for a second or third course of treatment ( one month is a course of treatment) are not allowed to apply for a refund.

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