Curing Prostatitis With 3 months' Medication

Name: Mr. Johansson

Gender: male

Symptoms: Pain in lower back, pelvic, and testicles, difficulty urinating, frequent and painful urination 

Diagnosis: Prostatitis

Medical history:  Mr. Johansson was prescribed antibiotics after diagnosing with prostatitis. Due to the recurring symptoms, he was put on long course of antibiotics. But the result was not satisfactory. 

Consulting time: 2016-12-16

Treating courses: Three-month treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

Process: Dr. Lee advised Mr. Johansson to cut out caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, citrus, and other foods that may exacerbate the symptoms during the treatment. After taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for a month. The pain in pelvic and testicles was relieved and the painful urination was also eased.

Dr. Lee also suggested him to stay hydrated which help to clean the urinary track, and stay in shape, eat well, get enough sleep, and manage stress. After three months’ medication treatment, all his symptoms disappeared and the inflammation was cured fully. 


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