Mycoplasma Prostatitis Cured By Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mr. Davison is 40 years old, from Washington. When he noticed there was something wrong with him for the first time, his left testicle was swelling and painful, and he had a need to urinate frequently. And he also felt discomfort in his urethra. He went to his doctor and was diagnosed with mycoplasma prostatitis. He was prescribed one course of antibiotics. After taking the whole course, his symptoms were controlled almost. However, a week later, he felt pain in his testicle and urethra again. Then he tried different antibiotic but no help. 

Then he found herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and he decided to have a try. During the medication treatment, Dr. Lee suggested him to avoid alcohol, pepper, chicken, fish, beef, sea foods, dairy products, soy foods, mushroom, etc. And he was told to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. A reasonable diet can help to hasten the recovery. 
After Mr. Davison took this herbal pill for several days, he found that his urinary frequency was aggravated. Dr. Lee told him the inflammation of prostate will oppress the gland and lead to the spilling of prostate fluid. The diuretic herbs in the pill can help to prevent the obstruction which can irritate the bladder.  
After taking this medication for a month, the pain and swelling in testicle and frequent urination were improved. So he ordered one more month medication. 
The discomfort in urethra, testicular pain and swelling and other symptoms disappeared completely after take medicines for two months. He went to the hospital to have a check-up, the result showed mycoplasma turned negative. And the prostatitis no longer existed. He was advised to avoid drinking, spicy and fatty foods. “Thank you for helping me get rid of the painful condition, Dr. Lee.”

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