Flomax Prostatitis

Flomax, the trade name of Tamsulosin, is a medication used to treat enlarged prostate, help with the passage of kidney stones, and urinary retention along with other measures. Flomax is also a medication in the class of alpha blockers, work by relaxing bladder neck muscles and muscle finers in the prostate gland itself and make it easier to urinate. 

Patients must read the medicine information carefully before taking flomax, and should not take flomax if he is allergic to this medicine, do not take any similar medicines such as alfuzosin, doxazosin, prazosin, silodosin, and terazosin. Patients may feel dizzy and faint especially the first taken time for this medicine will lead to low blood pressure to patients, but this medicine cannot be used to treat high blood pressure. 
On very rare occasions, Flomax and other alpha blockers are linked to penile erection pain that can last over four hours and is unrelated to sexual activity. Patients should ask for immediate medical therapy if they have any of these adverse conditions, it may lead to permanent importance if not treated properly. Sexual side effects of taking Flomax may include erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, reduced sperm count, reduce semen volume, and movement of sperm, ejaculation problems, and abnormal orgasm. 
As Flomax may lead to so many side effects to patients, why it is still used to prostatits patients even it can only control their conditions instead of curing this disease? For acute bacterial prostatitis patients, this medicine can be used to improve disruptive, irritating symptoms of urination. For chronic bacterial prostatitis, this medicine is used to reduce the risk of recurrence. 
Then patients may ask, how about chronic nonbacterial prostatitis? Can this medication be helpful in curing chronic nonbacterial prostatitis? The answer may be YES, but it does not mean it can cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, the biggest function of this medicine is helping control prostatitis conditions like other alpha blockers.
Then what can chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients do to cure this bothering disease? Firstly, they must know that any antibiotic medicine or alpha blocker cannot cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis for it is not a bacterial infection condition. Secondly, this disease is curable and it will not last for a life long time. Thirdly, treatment for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis must be effective and healthy to avoid the recurrence of it.
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can satisfy these two requirements as healthy and effective. It is healthy because it is made of natural herbs, its treating effects can be effective and steady because of its special treating steps. This pill can reduce pain and inflammation as well as anxiety of the patients firstly, then it can repair the damaged prostate position and furthermore it can help the prostate gland regain immune ability so that it can fight against prostatitis by its own.

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