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What Pain would Prostatitis Cause?

What we know about prostatitis symptoms is that, except for urinary problems, pains are most common symptoms on prostatitis sufferers. The pain caused by prostatitis can most commonly occur


- in the urethra
- with urinating
- around perineum area
- at lower back.


There also are questions like:


Will prostatitis cause legs pain?


Is it possible to experience penis pain if I have prostatitis?


Is my rectum pain caused by prostatitis?


Actually the answer to above questions are all "yes".


The pain caused by prostatitis doesn't only occur at the perineum area and in urethra, it may also spread locally. It is possible that prostatitis bring these pains:


- in the urethra
- with urinating
- with ejaculating
- around perineum area
- at lower back
- at lower abdomen
- at legs
- at groins
- at penis
- at testis
- at the rectum area
- at spermatic cord


On prostatitis sufferers, they often have one or more such pain. Also there're someone have no pain at all.

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