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Keep to Three Measures, Prostatitis can Be cured Eventually

Prostatitis is a disease which has high recurrent rate and is refractory. It’s a complicated disease in andrology. Men with this disease can be seriously annoyed for its symptoms, such as pain in the pelvis and genital area, urinary frequency and urgency, need to urinate a lot at night, burning and painful urination. However, it still can be cured if patients take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and pay attention to the self treatments at the same time. This article will introduce three measures which can be beneficial for the cure of prostatitis. 

1.Drinking more water and avoiding smoking, alcohol and spicy foods. 
Some prostatitis patients are infected by pathogens, such as bacterial prostatitis, mould prostatitis, trichomonal prostatitis, mycoplasma prostatitis, chlamydia prostatitis, etc. These pathogens exist in semen or urine. If patients drink a little water, the concentration of pathogens in urine will be higher, it can aggravate the inflammation of prostate.  
Therefore, drinking more water can dilute the concentration of urine and decrease the stimulus to the prostate. Besides, the urine will be increased at the same time, the urethra can keep clearing away pathogens timely for the increase of urination. It’s very helpful for preventing urinary track infection and avoiding worsening the prostate infection. 
In addition, all factors that can cause the recurrent prostate congestion can induce prostatitis or aggravate the condition of prostatitis. Therefore, spicy foods like chili, pepper, onion, garlic should be avoided. Smoking and drinking should also be forbidden. Do well in the preventions can greatly avoid the recurrence and exacerbation of prostatitis.  
2.Developing good living habits and sexual habits.  
Reasonably arrange the work and rest can improve the metabolism and the blood circulation of prostate. The resistance and immunity of patients will be improved if they keep a regular lifestyle. So, it’s essential for prostatitis patients to keep good living habits. Sleep early and get up early, avoid wearing tight underwear, avoid holding the urine for a long time are all beneficial for decreasing the recurrent rate of prostatitis.  
Besides, regular sexual life, fixed sexual partner, and high quality of harmonious sexual gratification are helpful for the discharge of prostate fluid. If patients have excessive sex, frequent masturbation or long-term abstinence, it can be harmful to the prostate and aggravate the recurrence of prostatitis.   
3.Keep the treatment and do well in the adjuvant therapy.  
The prostatitis must be treated step by step. If the symptoms have disappeared, patients can’t stop taking medicines. It’s better to keep taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to consolidate the condition. It can well avoid the recurrence.   Of course, it’s necessary to have adjuvant therapies like tai chi, slow walking, heel-and-toe walking to enhance the immunity. It’s also effective to the recovery of prostatitis. 

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