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Can chronic prostatitis affect sexual function?

Can chronic prostatitis affect sexual function? Dr. Lee, who studies traditional Chinese medicine would like to share her knowledge of the relationship between chronic prostatitis and sexual dysfunction with us. She indicates that sexual dysfunction, in the current medical, is usually considered as a result of the patient's own psychological barriers. For instance, early in the disease, owing to prostatitis has a bad influence on the testis, patients feel pain when ejaculate or in abdominal perineal. Naturally, they are prone to worry about the occurrence of sexual dysfunction, or be afraid of transmitting the pathogen to their partners, as a result, they refuse sex, which often leads to loss of libido. Under this situation, stress and depression can be huge exaggerated, gradually, dysfunction appears. Dr. Lee says she admits that she has put more emphasis on psychological factors in the above statement. In fact, prostatitis does have something with sexual dysfunction. However in her point of view, the relationship between them is not causality, but interaction. Prostatitis is not the arch-criminal for sexual dysfunction, it is also a victim.      

Whereas if both of them are the results, what is the cause? Can chronic prostatitis really influence sexual function? Actually, factors which cause prostatitis are various, but the fundamental reason is the blood circulation disorders. Poor blood circulation gives rise to damage of the prostate tissue, which eventually leads to prostatitis. Meanwhile, poor blood circulation can not merely affect prostate, but also impact testis. Moreover, the function of testis is closely related to sexual function, therefore, if the explanation is needed, blood circulation disorders in perineum is the culprit .         
Hence, the reason for sexual dysfunction in patients with prostatitis is not associated with prostatitis, but with the blood circulation disorders in perineum. We believe that patients can all get a clear answer about the relationship between prostatitis and sexual dysfunction.  

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