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Is Sexual Incompetence Hereditary?

The first edition of Marriage Law prohibits marriage with physical defects (i.e., sexual incompetence). However, because physiological defects are not diseases, and there is no infection, and there is no harm to society. So when the Marriage Law was amended in 1980, this provision was abolished.

If one party knows that the other party has no sexual incompetence but is still willing to marry him, the marriage registration authority will not interfere. But if you don't know before marriage and find out that you are deceived after marriage, you can sue for divorce in the people's Court on this basis. The primary purpose of the law prohibiting marriages of persons with specific diseases is to prevent diseases from being transmitted to others or passed on to the next generation.
Men's sexual incompetence, also known as sexual dysfunction, is a severe problem, which affects not only the lives of men but also the relationship between husband and wife, as well as the reproductive problems of the next generation. Some males worry about inheritance to their children. Is sexual incompetence hereditary?
Sexual impotence refers to male erectile dysfunction, which is now commonly referred to as ED. Medical experts define male ED as the persistent inability of the penis to achieve and/or maintain sufficient erections to achieve satisfaction (sexual intercourse). In short, it means that an inability to have healthy sexual life or lost the basic function of sexual life due to physical, physical, psychological, and other factors. 
In fact, women also have ED. Because of physiological characteristics, it is not very obvious, while men are more prominent.
Statistically, most people are reluctant to make public because of sex, which is relatively private. Everyone's family history of sex is not entirely in the medical record. And most people don't know about their other family members about sex. This makes it difficult to infer from statistics.
From the aspect of diseases, it is speculated that ED is mainly caused by adverse drug reactions or psychological diseases. In addition, diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular diseases are also the main diseases causing ED. These diseases have genetic characteristics, so several members of the family will suffer from ED.
From the aspect of hereditary factors, it can be inferred that each person's anxiety tendency has certain hereditary factors. The members with anxiety tendency in the family have anxiety about most things, including sex, and anxiety can also lead to ED.
Whether male ED can be cured, it depends on the cause and severity of the disease. Pathogenic causes can be roughly divided into three types: psychological, organic, and mixed. The symptoms of most patients belong to psychological impotence. These patients need to receive psychological treatment, mainly psychological counseling, strengthen physical exercise, keep a balanced diet, and other aspects.
In addition, the treatment of ED caused by psychological factors, the role of their partner is also huge, men need the encouragement and support of the other half to build self-confidence, and both sides need to establish the emotional basis, mutual understanding, in order to fundamentally treat psychological ED.
Organic ED refers to the possibility of endocrine system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system disorders, prostatic and penile diseases, such as prostatitis, epididymal cysts, and varicocele. These diseases account for 40% of all cases of ED. Or it may also be a congenital malformation of the genitals. 
Patients with this type of ED needs to find out the root causes and cure it. And the sexual function can return back to the normal. Once you found abnormal symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination timely. 
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Mixed type of erectile dysfunction is usually caused by psychological factors and organic pathological factors. Patients need psychological treatment in addition to the treatment of physical diseases. Finally, I wish you recover as soon as possible.

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