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Herbal medicine is the best pill to terminate pain caused by prostatitis

Many people hate prostatitis not only because of the pain caused by prostatitis, but also the recurrence of the disease. Although prostatitis is usually described as an inflammation of prostate, it also can be an inflammation without sign of infection. A prostatitis patient not only can experience frequent and urgent urination, but also can experience pain on groin and other place. So how to cure the pain becomes very important to patients.

The treatment of prostatitis is various such as massage, antibiotic and pain killer, but the effect is bad. As is known, antibiotic is  atypical treatment of prostatitis. But it only can kill the bacteria to some extent. The pain is still there. So most of time, prostatitis patient also have to take pain killer with antibiotic. As for the prostate massage, massage commonly is used to cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, but the curative effect of massage is bad. Patients may have to bear the pain  unless prostatitis is gone.
Since the traditional treatment of prostatitis is so bad, seeking for alternative treatment is necessary. In old east, there is a country called China. China is a country has more than 5000 year's history. In old days, when people are sick, they commonly choose a safe way to cure which is TCM. So TCM is a good choice.
TCM has two advantages. One is no side-effect and the other is no drug resistance. Both of the two advantages make men to take them without any worries.
Diuretic andAnti-inflammatory Pill an herbal medicine not only has the advantages of TCM, but also has its own characters. The nearly 40 herbs make this pill can promote blood circulation, clear away heat and toxic materials, dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis, improve QI, and release pain. So this pill not only can cure prostatitis, but also can release the pain caused by it. Prostatitis can be cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill totally with three months treatment.

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