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Food For Good Prostate Health

When you are thinking about your prostate health, except for daily habits, one thing that you need to be concerned about is the best food for prostate health.Many elderly males suffer prostate problems due to an enlarged prostate, that blocks the urethra and makes urination difficult and often times can lead to bladder and kidney infections from bacteria that is not cleansed from the system. While elderly women may suffer bladder and kidney infections, enlarged prostate problems cause problems for elderly males and seem more prominent.

However, there are many good foods that may already be a part of your everyday diet that can help thwart the onset of prostate problems.


Tomatoes, watermelons, red grapefruit, papaya and red berries are all great sources of lycopene, a health-promoting plant pigment known for its cancer-battling ability. It also promotes a strong immune system and helps support prostate health in men. Though fresh are always an excellent option, the lycopene in cooked tomatoes is actually absorbed more readily by the body. It is also your ally in the battle against heart disease.


Foods rich in quercetin include apples, black and green tea, onions, raspberries, red wine, red grapes, citrus fruits, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables, and cherries. Quercetin can also be found in honey and sap, including the type from eucalyptus and tea tree flowers.

Drinking plenty of clear liquids, broths and juices, help keep the bladder and kidneys flowing, and help the urethra process fluids past the prostate gland. It used to be said that a can of tomatoes a week were a way to help prevent prostate cancer, however, that has been found to be untrue. Tomato juice is certainly a good way to get Vitamin C, and fruit and vegetable juices help enlarged prostate problems.

Since enlargement of the prostate gland is essentially caused by increased cell production caused by testosterone and hormone production which stimulate the prostate cells, it has been found to start in males around 30, and continue up to 50 years old. Since a diet high in protein and meat stimulate testosterone levels, the best diet would be one that includes rice, grains, beans and other vegetables to keep prostate cell growth minimized and growth of the gland at a minimum.You may never have to worry about a large prostate if you are a vegetarian, or have had a diet rich in vegetables and grains.

Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods. Keeping your weight in check will also help maintain a healthy prostate.


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