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How does Prostate Fluid Influence Fertility

Physiological function of prostate fluid

1 To promote the formation of fertilized egg.
Protease and fibrinolytic enzyme in the prostate fluid can help sperm get through the mucus at cervix of womb and ZP zona pellucida of the egg, so that the egg can be fertilized.

2 To promote activity of sperm.
There are some nutritive material in prostate fluid which are of benefit to sperm.

3 To promote the liquefaction of semen.
Pancreatic juice protease in prostate fluid can promote the liquefaction of sperm.

4 To enhance the survival rate of sperm in vagina.
Prostate fluid is alkaline while there are lots of acid secretion in female vagina. Prostate fluid can neutralize the acid in vagina to ensure the survive of sperm.

5 To keep the sanitation of genital system and urinary system.
Prostate gland is on the front of bladder, under the rectum, and circling the urethra. Zinc in prostate fluid can kill bacteria, in order to protect the prostate gland and the whole genital system and urinary system.

6 To better the sexual intercourse.
There are large quantity of nerve endings in prostate gland, so it is a sensitive part of human body. It can motivate sexual excitation.

How does Prostate Fluid Influence Fertility

1 The secretion of prostate fluid decrease on male with prostatitis. As a result, the activity and survival rate of sperm is influenced.

2 When the bacteria which infect the prostate is breeding, they secrete harmful material which damage sperm.

3 Vast nutrition is needed for the bacteria breeding, so the nutrition which are necessary for sperm living decreases. The quantity of sperm reduces.

4 Lots of acid elements are discharged by bacteria while they are breeding. The decrease of PH in genital tract, so acidosis occurs on sperm.

5 A mass of oxygen is consumed by bacteria, so there is no enough oxygen for the sperm.

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