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Keep away form prostatitis: seven threats to your prostate

As to males, prostatitis is a disease that occurs as commonly as chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis. According to statistics, More than 50 percent of men can have troubled with it at least once in life. Frequent urine, urinary urgency, pain when urinating, actually, such symptoms are symbols of prostatitis. At this time, bad habits of daily life is the enemy of the prostate. Similarly with breast to women, prostate is the weakness to men. However, a new research in British shows that only one in three men get knowledge of prostatic function but they don't know how to take precautions against prostatitis or prostatoplasia. In fact, main factors which can induce prostate diseases can be summed up in seven words. In other words, there are seven threats for the prostate.

1. Pressure:
When a man is sitting, great weight is added on the prostate, congestion of the prostate makes excretion of prostatic fluid a difficult thing. Especially for a men who is sitting on an ottoman or a sofa for a long time, in this case, blood circulation of the entire urinary system can be obstructed, which brings about non-bacterial prostatitis or severer bacterial prostatitis.
Therefore drinking water is necessary to promote urine discharge. Two litres of mild water a day is required to adequately flush the urianry tract, which is also good for discharge of prostatic secretions. Besides, in order to frequently get up in the night to urinate, patients should drink less water before going to bed.    
2. Cold:
Some people may think that the prostate should be protected from heat. However, cold is a factor that has greater influence on the prostate. When it gets colder, sympathetic tone increases, which shrinks the prostate gland and distends the glandular tube and veins. As a result, chronic congestion occurs, which adds more alluvial prostate fluid.
3. Micturition:
In normal circumstances, there are parasitical bacterial in men's urianry tract. When a patient is urinating, these bacterial can be flushed away. While, frequently holding back urine can cause bacterial retrogrades to urethra, and then induces prostatitis.
4. Alcohol:
Irritating by alcohol, local capillary in prostate gland can rapidly expand or congest. In this case, the swollen prostate can tie up space of the urethra. Nerves around the prostate will also be oppressed and distracted. It is said that it takes three to five days for the prostate to recover after drinking alcohol.
5. Tobacco:
It is reported that non-smokers run less risk of prostate disease than smokers. That is because there are about 1200 compounds in tobacco, which including nicotine, cyanide and carbon monoxide, and most of them are harmful to human. 
6. Piquancy:
Too much spicy food will stimulate prostate and urethra, which can probably give rise to acute prostatitis or complicate symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
7. Sex:
Lechery is the archenemy of prostate. Frequent intercourses can lead to prostate congestion, which is a factor that brings about prostatitis as well. While unduly antaphrodisiac action can largely hoard prostate fluid. Consequently, inflammation occurs. Plus, interruptive intercourse before ejaculation, coitus or frequent masturbation can all cause congestion, tumidness and inflammation.    
At last, a prostate setting-up exercises is shared here: 
Firstly, rub the lower abdomen clockwise for about thirty times, and press it from lower to upper for another thirty times.
Secondly, rub the perineum area with a tepid wet towel. Three times is a course, one or two minutes is proper.
Thirdly, massage renal region on back till you feel hot from your abdomen.
At last, massage the heel and longitudinal arch of foot. 

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