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Is Lower Abdomen Pain A Sign of Prostatitis?

Can we consider pain in left lower abdomen in men as a sign of prostatitis?

Wuhan Dr.Lee introduces that lower abdomen pain is indeed a symptom of prostatitis. In general, prostatitis can be divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is actually a uncured result of acute prostatitis. Therefore every man ought to concern prostate problems.

It is a fact that prostatitis can cause pain in left lower abdomen. And prostatitis patients usually account for 1/3-1/2 of all the patients in andrology clinic. As a matter of fact, chronic prostatitis is more common than acute prostatitis. Any age of male can suffer from prostatitis, but children and adolescents run a lower risk than adult. According to statistics, men at 20 to 40 are with a high incidence and about 35%-40% of men above 35 years old have prostatitis.
Case history:I am a 35-year-old man. I do masturbation once per weak for three years. Recently, I found my lower abdomen  pains when I walked, but when I sit down and stay in bed, the pain disappear. Besides, my right leg is often sore at night. What's more, urethral drop white occurs. Dr..Lee, left lower abdomen pain sometimes is a warning of prostatitis.
Why does pain in left lower abdomen happen? 
Both pathogenic microorganisms and psychological factors can lead to lower abdomen pain.
Bad daily habits, such as drinking alcohol, having spicy food, sitting for too long, can also be causes of lower abdomen pain.
Long-lasting frequent urine, urinary urgency, dysuria and discomfort in prostate are all symptoms of prostatitis. However, another possibility is that there's no pyocyte, no obvious pathological change and no bacteria in prostate fluid. Such patients are usually treated with treatment of chronic prostatitis. Though a lot of antibiotic have been taken, it seems that they didn't work well. In fact, they are not chronic prostatitis patients at all. That is because both urethral muscle and genuine prostate muscle spasm cause pain, in other words, prostatodynia.
In addition, prostate massage can improve local blood circulation and relieve lower abdomen pain. Cleaning anus,pressing prostate gland with forefinger and middle finger are both beneficial. Three to five minutes is enough till prostate fluid comes out. Don't forget that the pressing power should be gentle.Self health care is required. Enhance physical exercise and prevent cold, positively treat other infection of the body. If you are an office staff, you should stand up to have a break. Apart from that, keep a healthy diet; abstinent sexual activity; have hip baths and do prostatic massage.

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