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What Herbal Medicine Can You Choose for Lower Abdominal Pain Due to Chronic Prostatitis?

For men with occasional and short-term abdominal pain, initially, it will be considered as constipation, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal tract stimulation, and other diseases; for men with recurrent and persistent abdominal pain, it is mainly considered as appendicitis, prostate calcification, prostatitis and other diseases. So how does prostatitis cause abdominal pain?
There are abundant sympathetic nerves in the prostate, and the prostatic disease will increase the tension in the gland, stimulate sympathetic nerves, and cause lower back pain. As the condition aggravates, it will spread to the lower abdomen and back.
When the inflammatory symptoms occur, some tissues in the gland will become stiff and sclerotic, and calcification will occur, which will also compress the nerves, and there will be stimulation symptoms in the nerve reflex area of the prostate, leading to lower abdominal pain and swelling, which is a typical symptom in chronic prostatitis.
In order to treat the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, the first thing is to work on the root cause - inflammation. Chronic prostatitis can be bacterial or nonbacterial. Drugs that can play a therapeutic role in two different pathogenic factors are undoubtedly the best choice. 
Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill not only has broad-spectrum antibacterial characteristics but also can clear away heat and detoxification, so it is a good choice for patients.

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