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Prostate Massage is a diagnosis as well as a treatment

For males who need to sit for a long time because of work and drivers who need to have long distance driving all year round, prostatitis is just like a stubborn devil that can come to them at any time. Once infected by this disease, males have to live with many discomforts, such as urinary frequency and urgency, painful and burning when urinating, pain in the pelvis and genital areas, etc. If one notices these signs, it’s necessary to go to a hospital to have a examination. Whereas, the most common way is the prostate massage. 

Prostate massage is a common method for gathering prostate fluid 
It’s not allowed to have sex before the day of having an examination. When gathering the prostate fluid, patients should be calm since excessive anxious can cause contraction of anal muscle. Thus, the discomfort will be aggravated when taking examination. Because not everyone have the same feeling when gathering the prostate fluid, some sensitive patients can tell the doctor to stop the prostate massage gathering. 
After successfully gathering the prostate fluid, the doctor will drop it to a glass slide to have an inspection. Then judging whether there is prostatitis or other prostate diseases  on the basis of the quantity of white blood cells, red blood cells and lecithin. If it’s necessary, the prostate massage reexamination is needed. It’s better to have the reexamination three to five days after the ejaculation.   
Prostate massage is also a method for curing prostatitis
For chronic prostatitis, the long-term inflammation can lead to the obstruction of prostate duct. If the inflammatory secretion gather in the gland, it can cause varieties of symptoms, such as frequent and urgent urination, dysuresia, abdominal fall-swell. The professional prostate massage can improve the blood circulation of prostate and promote the discharge of inflammatory substances. 
However, this method is more suitable for unmarried males. Since they usually have irregular sexual life, it’s easy to cause the accumulation of prostate inflammatory secretions. Thus, these secretions can’t be discharged when ejaculating. On the other hand, the irregular sexual life can make the recurrent prostatic congestion, the difficulty in discharging the inflammatory secretions will also aggravate the condition. Therefore, it’s beneficial to improve the prostatitis by keeping taking prostate massage for 1 to 3 times a week. Besides, having urination after the massage can discharge the secretion timely. 
Though prostate massage is a widely used method for diagnosing and treating, it not suitable for curing bacterial prostatitis and prostate tumor, abscess, tuberculosis. Moreover, during the treatment of prostate massage, patients need to keep a healthy living habits, such as no spicy and stimulating food, no smoking and alcohol, avoid excessive sexual life, etc.  

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