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Spicy foods can cause congestion of inflamed prostate

If you are unfortunately affected prostatitis, there is no doubt that your lives will be affected greatly. Prostatitis patients not only have to seek for treatment positively, but also have to notice some excellent prevention ways. Here are three prevention tips:

First, no spicy foods
Spicy foods can expand the blood vessel and increase the permeability to make inflamed prostate congestion. later, the gland will press or irritate the urinary tract and cause frequent and urgent urination and swelling. Some patients hold the view that beer with low alcohol won't bring such problems, so they didn't quit beer, but they don't know that accumulated beer also can bring such consequence.
Second, no bad living habits
Long time sitting is bad, so those people who love play mahjong or cards should pay attention to, because long time sitting can make prostate gland congestion and relapse. What's more, stay night also can low down the immune and make prostatitis recurrent.
Third, regular sexual lives
Some chronic prostatitis stops intercourse immediately after having it. Actually, this is wrong. Frequent sex and no sex are both bad to prostate gland. On the contrary, proper sex won't make disease severer, but good for the recovery. Proper sexual intercourse can let semen out and release the fullness feelings. Thus, men also have to keep regular sexual lives.
Although prostatitis is stubborn and the relapse rate is high, but as long as men can pay much attention and do a good prevention, the relapse can be throw away. Some people may hold the view that if I take herbal medicine named Diuretic andAnti-inflammatory Pill, I don't have to follow the prevention tips. This is wrong. Although this herbal pill can low down the relapse rate, but you if don't pay attention to this, there still is the chance. Commonly, they say the relapse rate can be low down that means the relapse rate is low down than antibiotic. So prevention tips should be followed.

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