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The four common habits cause prostatitis

Nowadays, there are many factors causing reproductive diseases for males, such as high pressure and environmental pollution. Besides, there are some bad habits in the daily life that also can lead to reproductive diseases like prostatitis for males.
In the view of physiology, sedentariness can reduce blood circulation. For example, blood circulation of perineum will become slow if people are used to sedentariness, which make some metabolin accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is possible to block the prostate tube that may lead to prostatitis. However, it isn't necessary for you to worry about prostatitis if you don't spend too many times on sedentariness.
Therefore, for people who have to seat for a long time, they need to pay attention to prostatitis disease, while they can have a rest and change the posture in the breathing space.
Riding bicycle
With the same reason as sedentariness, riding bike may lead to some congestion of prostate and blockage of blood circulation, which also can cause prostatitis. Besides, compared with sedentariness, riding bike for a long time is much easier to oppress the prostate, so people may feel uncomfortable with the symptoms of painful perineum and abdomen, difficult and painful urination etc.
The suitable time of riding is about 30 minutes. You have to take a rest and do some sports by the way if the trip is too long. Meanwhile, it is better for you to adjust the seat and add the soft mat on it that can make the seat more flexible and comfortable.
Drinking alcohol
Drinking alcohol can promote blood circulation and expand the blood vessel. So it is forbidden for prostatitis, especially for acute prostatitis to have a drink, because it may cause the spread of inflammation. For patients with chronic prostatitis and prostatauxe, drinking too much even can damage defense function that makes patients reappear or infect more easily.
So is it suggested that chronic prostatitis patients have to keep far away from drinking alcohol.
Wearing over-tight trousers
Due to wearing over-tight trousers, testicle is so close to perineum that it is hard for scrotum to send out heat and testicle has a higher temperature, by which way sperms may meet the problem of growth. Thus men may be threatened by infertility.
From that we can see, wearing over-tight trousers is also dangerous for men's health. 

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