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Prostate Congestion Does Not Equal to Prostatitis

A mother took her college son to consult Dr. Lee . She said that her son has been suffered from prostatitis for several years. Though he had received many treatments, he still can not get rid of it. He has been so afflicted with the disease that he can merely stay at home. Occasionally, they found Dr. Lee's website, they finally decided to visit Dr. Lee.



After hearing the boy's description of his condition, Dr. Lee suspected it is not prostatitis but prostate congestion as there's no evidence of prostatitis in the test.


As a matter of fact, the difference between prostate congestion and prostatitis is obvious. Prostate congestion is not a disease but a phenomenon, which usually occurs in the sexual active period.


In the outpatient consultations, this case is not extraordinary. Therefore, those young people who suffer from symptoms of prostatitis but do not have normal sex life must be concerned cautiously. Specially, do not equal prostate congestion to prostatitis.


Prostate is below the bladder, which is a genital gland that penetrates urethra and ejaculatory duct. It keeps the function of secretion, thus active during intercourse. Long term and frequent intercourse can lead to prostate congestion. In this case, prostate can show symptoms of prostatitis, such as pain in perineum area, dull heavy ache, or even frequent urination, difficulty in urinating. Enlarged prostate can be tested in ultrasound diagnosis, which can be also misled to infection.



Hence, prostate congestion is a phenomenon that often occurs in young men who can not discharge prostate secretions normally. However, how does the prostate easily congest? Generally speaking, repeated stimulation, especially in the situation where erection happens but ejaculation doesn't. As a result, the small prostate tubal can expand.


Dr. Lee then advised him to accept some psychological guidance and stop taking medicines. As expected, after three months, all the symptoms disappear and he goes back to school. She also gave some advices for young men like this boy.


First of all, young men should understand their normal physiological characteristics. In adolescence, sexual activity is a symbol of sexual maturation. Sexual arousal and erection are normal phenomenon. But some youth keep contact with some porn sites, which can easily cause sexual arousal. So, the key of relieve prostate congestion is to reduce sexual stimulation and relax prostate. Meanwhile, extended sexual repression does not benefit sound in health and mind of them. Appropriate releases are favorable.



While when they do become a patient of prostatitis, timely treatment is needed. They can take some medicines like the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to kill bacteria and remove inflammations in case more severe consequences would be led to.

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