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How chronic prostatitis patients confront sexual life correctly?

Sex is an important part of life for each couple. It’s also a naturally physical need for everyone to have harmonious sexual life. However, for chronic prostatitis patients, their sexual life will be affected to some extent. Their sex appeal, sex experience, sex quality as well as the sex frequency will change correspondingly.

For some chronic prostatitis patients, their sexual function may decline with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and pain during ejaculation, frequent ejaculation or even blood in ejaculation. Some chronic prostatitis is primarily caused by improper or excessive sexual life, including long-term frequent masturbation, interruption of sex, rich sexual lust, or much focus on sexual problems. However, most of chronic prostatitis won’t lead to the decline of the patients’ sexual function. Chronic prostatitis patients are often accompanied by neurasthenia and disorder of the autonomic nervous functions. Lots of patients would have psychological anxiety and worry about their sexual function. Some patients even become afraid of getting married because of this disease, which will lead to real sexual function problems finally.
Generally speaking, patients with chronic prostatitis can complete the whole process of sexual intercourse if they don’t have abnormal sexual function in nature. If the phenomenon of painful sex and ejaculation still exists, one should avoid or strictly control their sexual life and get treatment optimistically. One can have some oral antibiotics, alpha blocker drugs such as Hytrin and Cardura. Since antibiotic medicines are not effective treatments for chronic noninfectious prostatitis, Herbal medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It can eliminate inflammation, clear heat, promote blood circulation and reduce symptoms effectively without side effect. As most of chronic prostatitis disease is non bacterial, the bacteria number is few so that the disease won't cause infection or any other harmful effect on partners.
Patients with chronic prostatitis can and should have sexual life. Certainly, it is suggested to control the frequency of sexual intercourse, such as once in one week or two weeks. In addition, try to empty the prostate fluid regularly, because it is good to help remove inflammation of prostatitis and promote local blood circulation. It is also suggested to wash sexual organs before and after sexual life and use condoms correctly to prevent sperm from entering into the partner's reproductive organs. The use of condoms can also avoid certain bacteria infection or opportunistic pathogenic microorganism in female’s vagina, since the immune function for chronic prostatitis patients is very low and can be easily infected concurrently.
Now chronic prostatitis not only exist on mid-age men, those young men should also attach much importance on it and practice some preventions. For example, try to keep a regular diet and rest with as much exercise as possible. Try to drink more water and less coffee and wine.

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