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What Should Patients With Prostatitis Do If They Want To Have Children?

Prostatitis is a disease that can have a bearing on male fertility. While men who have prostatitis are also able to have normal fertility and have little impact on their future babies. However, it does not mean that this disease is not important. In clinical practice, prostatitis will have some effects on semen.


If it is bacterial prostatitis, it will cause sperm poisoning. Moreover, prostatitis may also cause agglutination or even death of sperm, leading to a significant decline in fertility in male patients. And it will also cause premature ejaculation and impotence in men. Therefore, prostatitis has a certain impact on the fertility of men, and will decrease the pregnant rate of female as well. So we should treat it in time.


prostatitis and men

What should patients with prostatitis do if they want to have children?


Health fertility in men is a key to having children. Patients with acute prostatitis should be banned strictly for sex. Effective antibiotics should be taken until all symptoms disappear and the general condition is restored. In addition, after full-recovery, you are supposed to be away from sex for about 30 days, and when you feel totally good, it can be time to do the right thing.


On the other side, patients with chronic prostatitis should take actions depending on their situations. You'd better stop sex for children during the period of treatment. If it's not at the onset of symptoms, it is generally encouraged to have normal sex in control of the frequency. Sex once a week can helps to regular empty the prostate fluid, which is also good for the treatment of prostatitis.


Control the times of sex for both patients with acute and chronic prostatitis. Too much sex can cause prostate congestion, which is adverse to cure the disease thoroughly.


Pay attention to hygiene. It's better for patients with prostatitis to clean sexual organs before and after having sexual contact. And a warm sitz baths (sitting in two to three inches of warm water) for about half an hour with 40 degrees of hot water will help the blood circulation and accelerate the extinction of inflammation.


You should also pay attention to some habits if you want to have children. Don't wear tight clothes, overcome the habit of masturbation, drink more water which helps to urinate, avoid smoking and drinking, and eat less stimulating food. In addition, cycling time should not be too long, and the cushion should be soft to avoid prostatic congestion.


men and prostatitis

Stay away from sexual behaviors if you have ejaculation pain. In the event that you have ejaculation pain during the process, you should stop right now, and seek medical help. Patients with chronic prostatitis shouldn't have sex for too long, because it will cause irritation and aggravate the inflammation.


While patients may as well try the traditional Chinese medicine to achieve the conditioning treatment. Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great choice to help patients cure prostatitis. This pill is made from 50 kinds of herbs and each of them has their own functions that can help male well solve problems caused by prostatitis. With suitable daily conditioning, you will get better soon.


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