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Exercise is Good for Prostatitis, Especially Swimming

Prostatitis is a common disease in adult males. It refers to systemic or local symptoms caused by acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate. Clinically, many patients with chronic prostatitis do not want to participate in physical exercise, worrying that sports will aggravate the condition of the disease, damage the "kidney Qi" and affect fertility. Andrology experts point out that this is a complete misunderstanding and that physical exercise, especially swimming, is good for prostatitis patients.

It is well known that sports can help patients improve the regulation of the brain and muscles, enhancing physical fitness and resistance to infection of the whole body. When physical fitness and the ability to resist infection are improved, prostatitis patients will benefit. Prostatitis patients can do proper physical exercise, such as swimming, which is a good choice. This kind of exercise is not high-intense and harmless to the prostate; it can be suitable for prostatitis recovery.
When a man is swimming, buoyancy relieves the pressure of gravity on organs such as the prostate. Swimming improves blood circulation and increases prostate fluid secretion, reducing inflammation and congestion of the prostate. If an exercise can reduce congestion, it can relieve prostatitis patients' symptoms and help prevent it. Men who exercise for a long time are significantly less likely to develop prostatitis. 
However, the water temperature should not be too low. It is best in 25℃~30℃. Otherwise, it will stimulate gland contraction and congestion and aggravate the fluid deposition in the prostate, affecting prostate health.
Exercises such as swimming are good for prostatitis patients, but they should refrain from participating in overly strenuous sports, such as fast running and bicycle races. If a man exercises too much and causes physical exhaustion, it harms the patient and his recovery. They can increase the amount of exercise step-by-step, and it is best to exercise within their tolerance range rather than force themselves to exercise excessively. At the same time, it is essential to drink more water after exercise. Exercise will make men sweat a lot. As the sweat drains away, the urine condenses, increasing the prostate's burden. Therefore, drinking more water and urinating can help solve this problem and expel more toxins.
In contrast to exercise, many male patients are sedentary for a long time with little exercise. Some are occupational reasons, such as long-distance driving, and some are habit reasons, such as sitting and playing mahjong or sitting with a cell phone for 4 to 5 hours. On the one hand, the abdominal pressure on the prostate increases. 
On the other hand, when maintaining a sitting position, the prostate body is in a horizontal position, and the male is sitting on the prostate. The urethra of the male prostate, the opening, and the prostate gland is in the same plane position. If there are bacteria in the urine, it is easy to retrograde into the gland duct causing prostate pain.
Therefore, doctors recommend that patients can walk, play tennis, and swim daily. Running should not be too much, and the speed, time, and distance should be controlled according to their physical strength. In daily life, patients should also pay attention to keeping their bowels and urine open to reduce inflammatory secretions and promote the recovery of the disease. 
At the same time, patients can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its main effects of clearing heat, detoxifying the body, being diuretic, and drenching can simultaneously act on the whole urinary and reproductive system to eliminate inflammation. It can significantly improve the pain, discomfort, and urinary tract irritation of patients with prostatitis. Besides, it can promote the recovery of prostate function. It is easy to take and has no side effects on the patient's body.
Even if suffering from prostatitis, men should not have much psychological burden. As long as unnecessary ideological concerns are eliminated, and regular diagnosis and treatment are given, At the same time, pay attention to rest in life, avoid being sedentary and try to carry out the regular and moderate exercise. Eat less spicy food, drink less alcohol, and prostatitis will soon be healed.
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