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Is "Cloudy Semen" Prostatitis?

The health of the male reproductive system has much to do with the quality of men's lives. Some men find their semen mushy after having sex and frequent and cloudy urination, worrying that they are suffering from an unknown disease. This phenomenon is turbid essence, which usually refers to white discharge oozing from the urethra, or yellow purulent discharge, usually caused by inflammatory, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. 

When men encounter this problem, they should not worry too much. Men should go to the urology clinic to see a doctor for symptomatic treatment.
The disease is, in TCM, mainly caused by damp heat, blood stasis, kidney deficiency, and Qi stagnation. Most cases of turbid essence are caused by excessive drinking and stagnation of sperm; kidney essence deficiency and delusional movement of phase fire, resulting in sperm deficiency with fire; or damp heat flowing into the sperm chamber. TCM uses a combination of different symptoms to determine what is wrong with the patient.
Turbid essence is similar to the symptoms of chronic prostatitis in Western medicine, such as dripping urine, incomplete and frequent urination, perineal swelling and pain, etc. So there is a high probability that the cloudy semen indicates chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in young and middle-aged men. 
However, the symptom can also indicate other urinary system diseases, such as urinary stones, celiac disease, urinary infections, etc. It may also manifest disorders such as gonorrhea, seminal vesiculitis, and other conditions. The doctor usually will ask the patient to perform further tests to confirm the specific cause.
Therefore, the patient should go to a specialist hospital for a detailed examination to determine if it is chronic prostatitis. The doctor can decide if chronic prostatitis is the reason through the relevant examination indicators. If diagnosed, the patient should get proper treatment, mainly using antibiotic drug therapy. 
The specific drugs should be prescribed according to the patient's situation under the guidance of professional doctors. Anti-infection therapy and stone removal should be performed if urinary tract infections or stones cause the disease. If it is caused by gonorrhea, seminal vesiculitis, and so on, then the patient should first treat the related primary disease to attain a better effect.
At the same time, the patient can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can significantly improve the pain, discomfort, and urinary tract irritation of the patient with prostatitis, reduce the number of leukocytes and lecithin in the prostate fluid and recover prostate function. It also has no side effects on the patient's body.
In addition to combining TCM and Western medicine treatment methods, the patient should do a good job in daily life. The patient should pay attention to personal hygiene care and change bad habits. Medication should be following medical advice, so the patient should not add and stop drugs without the doctor's advice, which is dangerous and may lead to aggravation of the disease. The diet should keep a nutritional balance in daily life, avoiding over-nutrition or malnutrition. 
The patient with prostatitis can promote disease recovery through dietary therapy and increased nutritional elements. They can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, eggs, and milk, and drink more water. The patient should avoid greasy, spicy, and stimulating foods. 
At the same time, the diet should be well-matched with more nutritional elements suitable for the prostate area, such as proteins, vitamins, and zinc elements. The patient can recover better by improving the body's resistance to the disease.
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