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A feeling of Incomplete Bladder Emptying? Be Alert for An Attack of Prostatitis

Normal people feel relaxed after urinating. During the urination process, if a man has finished but still does not feel relaxed and wants to urinate again, he is at great risk of prostate problems.

Prostatitis is a common disease in adult men. Patients with prostatitis account for about 33% of the total male outpatient patients. Data show that about 50% of men will be affected by prostatitis at some time in their life.
Prostatitis is caused by bacterial prostate gland infection, resulting in prostate congestion and edema. Prostatic fluid will appear in many white blood cells, and the lecithin mass will be reduced. It will cause repeated stimulation of the urethra and bladder neck, resulting in endless urine. It is also accompanied by frequent and urgent urination, lots of urination at night and other serious urination abnormalities.
What causes incomplete urination?
1. Being sedentary. Sitting for long periods can cause prostate compression, resulting in disfluent blood flow. Over time, the prostate begins to function abnormally, and prostate problems occur. Thus, don't sit for long periods.
2. Hold your urine. Holding urine for too long can lead to cystitis, urinary tract infections, tingling, and even hematuria.
3. Excessive sex. Frequent sex can cause prostatitis and urinary tract infections. Excessive sex can cause excessive prostate secretion, which is easy to cause catheter obstruction and prostate problems.
Points for attention:
1. Drink plenty of water. Water is the source of life, and drinking moderate water can promote the body's metabolism. Under normal circumstances, patients with prostate problems should drink more than 1000 ml of water. Adequate water in the body can promote the excretion of metabolites and avoid urinary tract infections. However, it also needs to control the amount of water to avoid increasing the frequency of urinating at night, which can affect sleep quality.
2. Exercise properly. Do not sit still for a long time, which is not conducive to blood circulation in the prostate. It is recommended to do some physical exercise daily to promote internal blood circulation and improve disease resistance.
3. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Especially during sex, you must pay attention to personal hygiene. Clean yourself after having sex to prevent bacteria from into the body, causing inflammation and aggravating the condition.
4. Eat properly. Pay attention to your daily diet and do not overeat greasy and spicy food to avoid stimulating the prostate and aggravating the condition. It is recommended to eat more soy products or lean meat, which has a good anti-inflammatory effect on the prostate.
5. Have regular sex. Moderate and regular sex can discharge prostatic fluid regularly, relieve the feeling of prostatic fullness, promote the constant update of prostatic fluid, and contribute to the normal functioning of the prostate and the recovery of patients with abnormal prostate functions. On the contrary, excessive sexual life is easy to cause extreme congestion of the prostate and induce the occurrence of prostatitis.
If men want to have a healthy body, they also need to relax the body, avoid staying up late for a long time, and relax their mood under high intensity of life or work pressure, which is beneficial to the recovery of the disease.
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