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Does Chronic Prostatitis Cause Infertility?

Does Chronic Prostatitis cause infertility? Dr.Lee who studies traditional Chinese medicine confirms this. He introduces that the incidence of chronic prostatitis is increasing. Chronic prostatitis is the health killer for males.Patients who suffers from this disease  so, how can chronic prostatitis affects fertility of males and in what respects? Seldom has anyone got the professional knowledge. 

When a man suffers from prostatitis, the quality of the prostatic secretion of him would changed. In a result, the nutrients and substances which promote sperm motility decrease. Meanwhile, liquefaction capacity factor in prostate reduces, which is because liquefaction factor can be damaged by bacterial, toxins or excessive congestion of prostate. In this situation, semen viscosity becomes denser, which inflences the motility of sperm. When chronic prostatitis occurs, prostatic fluid pH may show abnormal. Those are all factor lead to infertility.
The specific reasons for how prostatitis affect infertility can be concluded as follows:
1. When patients suffer from chronic prostatitis, the quantity and quality of the prostatic secretion shift, which leads to the infertility.
2. Pathogenic microorganisms hidden in the prostate can directly kill sperm, and decrease the quantity and motility of sperm. For that reason, sperm can not fully participate in the fertilization.
3. The recurrent chronic prostatitis cause fibrosis of the prostate tissue, which obstructs the secretion of the prostate, then reduces the amount of semen. Without sufficient seminal sperm escorting, sperm fails
Does chronic prostatitis cause infertility? That is already explained in several aspects by Dr. Lee. Prostate is the essential part that forms sperm, persistent prostatitis has great influence on the quality of sperm. Therefore, Dr. Lee suggests males should take measure to prevent chronic prostatitis, and for patients with chronic prostatitis, the best way is to find a proper treatment. Dr Lee is the specialist in treating all the reproductive system diseases. She developed medicines like Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill, which are patent medicines. A lot of patients are cured. Helping other patients is the willingness of Dr. Lee and also the recovered patients.

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