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What makes chronic prostatitis patients infertile?

Wherther mens reproductive ability be affected by chronic prostatitis, the answer is complicated. As is known, prostatitis is a gland of men, its secretion – prostatitis fluid is a part of semen, so if men have prostatitis, inflammation in prostate fluid can affect semen and affect men's reproductive ability indirectly.

Actually, in semen of chronic prostatitis patients, there do are some changes. Duo to the affection of bacteria and virus, the nutrition of semen is consumed and the PH value is changed too, so men's reproductive ability can be affected. However, there also are some men with chronic prostatitis still have excellent reproductive ability.
What makes chronic prostatitis patients infertile?
Firstly, when having prostatitis, the declined prostate fluid makes semen declined too, which makes sperm hard to live and move. Furthermore, duo to a material declined, the liquefy time of semen prolonged, so sperm hard to meet with egg, let alone fertilize with egg.
Secondly, the changed PH value commonly makes semen acid, but sperm only can live in such environment between the values of 6-6.5, thus, in this acid environment, sperm is easy to die and reproductive ability is affected.
Thirdly, when having chronic prostatitis, there are a large number of inflammatory materials such as bacteria and virus in prostate fluid. Those inflammatory materials can consume the nutrition and oxygen of semen, which makes sperm hard to live.
All in all, it is possible for chronic prostatitis to affect men's reproductive ability, but the answer isn't for sure. If you want to far away from this bad consequence, you should cure your disease immediately. Although antibiotic is the typical treatment of prostatitis, chronic type is better to be cured by herbal medicine which has no side-effect and no drug resistance.

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