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Healthy diet to prevent prostatitis

An estimated 234,460 new cases of prostatitis will be diagnosed in the United States this year, many of which may be preventable with diet alone. A healthy vegetarian diet may reduce men’s risk of this disease. 

“Broccoli, beans, and other low-fat vegetables, fruits, and legumes are great for prostatitis prevention, while dairy products appear to increase risk,” says Cancer Project nutritionist Jennifer Reilly, R.D. “Scientific studies are also finding that a meatless diet, combined with other lifestyle changes, can help keep early-stage prostate cancer from worsening.” 
In the battle against prostatitis, men need all the ammunition they can get—and four healthy foods can help them reduce their risk. 
1. Beans. Black, pinto, small red, and kidney beans are high in fiber, which helps the body rid itself of excess testosterone, and are among the 20 most antioxidant-rich foods. Beans are also rich in inositol pentakisphosphate, a known cancer-fighter. Add beans to soups, salads, or pasta sauce. 
2. Tomatoes. Tomatoes and other lycopene-rich foods, such as watermelon and pink grapefruit, are associated with a reduced risk of prostate and other cancers. Studies from the Harvard School of Public Health have shown that men who frequently consume lycopene-rich foods cut their prostatitis risk by one-third. 
3. Sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and cantaloupe are rich in beta-carotene, which gives them their orange color and helps the immune system keep cancer at bay. Try mashed sweet potatoes or baked sweet potato wedges for a satisfying side dish. 
4. Broccoli. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetable, including kale and cauliflower, are rich in sulphoraphane, a cancer-fighting phytochemical that helps rid the body of excess testosterone and reduces the risk of prostate and other cancers. Serve steamed broccoli with roasted garlic and lemon juice for a powerful cancer-fighting dish. 

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