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Can Prostatitis Patients Take Seafood? Be Careful!

Prostatitis refers to prostate diseases caused by various complicated causes, with urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations, and is a common disease in urology.

Prostatitis patients should pay attention to the everyday diet, so as not to eat inappropriate foods to aggravate the condition. Liang Donghui, chief physician of TCM doctor at Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that because of the close relationship between prostate and zinc, patients should eat less zinc-rich foods such as seafood.

Excessive eating of seafood induces prostatitis

Because zinc has a "close relationship" with the prostate, seafood has a high zinc content as well as a high protein content. Moreover, the proteins of shellfish (such as buttercups, fresh shellfish, etc.) and crustaceans (such as shrimps and crabs) are mostly heterologous preteins, which may cause skin allergies to people with allergic constitution.

Excessive consumption will stimulate the disease, auses tissue congestion and edema, aggravating the inflammatory response of the prostate. In addition, seafood, especially shellfish, generally contains a lot of strontium, which is decomposed to produce uric acid. Therefore, the increase of uric acid in the blood may also be one of the causes of prostatitis.

Based on the above two points, even if seafood is rich in zinc, it will cause more problems while supplementing zinc, which is not worth the candle. This is also the reason why patients with prostatitis should not eat seafood.

How to treat prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis, there are generally medical treatment, surgical treatment, physical therapy, Chinese medicine treatment, etc. Of course, diet is also very important.

When you have prostatitis, you must ban alcohol, and eat less sweet, sour, or spicy foods. It is recommended to eat more heat-clearing, Yin-and-lung-nourishing foods, such as lily, glutinous rice, honey, peanuts, fresh yam, white fungus, Sugar cane and other soft and moist products, the diuretic effect and stranguria relief, can clear away heat and dampness, detox and play a role in inhibiting inflammation.

In addition, you can also eat sesame, walnut and other foods that nourish Yin and kidney, drink plenty of water and urinate more, because drinking water and urinating in time can avoid high concentration of urine to stimulate the prostate, the bacteria in the urine are discharged in that way.

In short, diet therapy for prostatitis can help to control the condition, improve the condition to a certain extent, and usually one can also eat some psyllium syrup, melon kelp and glutinous rice soup, ginseng astragalus wolfberry porridge and so on.

However, if the symptoms are serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital to do a prostatic fluid culture, and do a secretion check to determine whether the bacteria is sterilized, you can take TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for radical treatment.

This natural herbal medicine can soften hard lump and resolve stagnation, together with the effects of anti-fibrotic, it can restore the original elasticity and flexibility of the glands, and then promote blood circulation to contribute to the microcirculation and nutrient supply, so that prostate function returns to normal.

Usually one should develop a good habit, eat as little spicy food as possible, do not stay up late, avoid excessive sexual indulgence, so as to help the recovery of the prostate.

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