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Candida prostatitis can be cured by TCM

As one of the most common diseases, prostatitis is caused by many bacteria, such as staphylococcus, gonococcus and Escherichia soli. Among them, Candida prostatitis is hard to cure and likely to reappear, and many patients are confused by this. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is becoming the focus that patients pay attention to. In fact, the suitable TCM is a good choice.


For candida prostatitis, there are some common causes like candida urethritis, and few of them are infected by their sexual partners who have candida urethritis. The symptoms of this disease are the same as symptoms of chronic prostatitis, including difficultly urinating, swelling on the top of penis, itching and burning in and around the vagina. In the examination, candida can be found in the discharge of urethra or prostate.


Normally, candida prostatitis is likely to reappear because patients do not find the suitable treatment. For example, for this disease, it is usual to take antibiotics. However, long-term using antibiotics is easy to bring resistance to drugs which makes candida go and come, and this is the key reason that candida prostatitis has not been cured for a long time. On the contrary, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can avoid those side effects that western medicines bring. Therefore, TCM like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is more effective to cure candida prostatitis.


According to the symptoms of prostatitis, in the view of TCM, this disease is caused by irregular blood and qi circulation, inflammation, heat etc. therefore, This herbal medication works to eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat, eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation. With many pure natural herbs, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can cure this disease in about three months under the right instruction. What is the most important that taking this pill can cure candida prostatitis from the root and never reappear without any side effect.


Of course, besides taking pills, there are some tips need to be noticed. For example, patients have to avoid some diet such as alcohol, milk, fishes, seafood, all meat except for pork, all food & condiments tastes spicy, all food and drinks that contains caffeine. After recovery, it is necessary to have the good habit of personal hygiene.


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