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How To Prevent Recurring Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is difficult to manage and it usually recurs easily. Some patients have an improvement after taking medication treatment, however, the symptoms come back later if stop taking medicines. For patients who have recurring prostatitis, long-term antibiotics are needed, but it’s not an appropriate treatment as antibiotics will develop drug resistance if used for long periods of time. Then, how to prevent recurring prostatitis?


recurring prostatitis

The pathogenic bacteria in prostate can be eradicated in a short time after having a medication treatment, however, as the infected prostate tissue has not been repaired completely, the prostate will be more likely to get a new infection during the recovery periods. Thus, the congestive prostate will induce prostatitis. Patients will suffer from the symptoms again and again.
For patients who have got a complete cure, it is very important to prevent the re-infection of the pathogens. But it’s not a good idea to take long-term antibiotics due to the drug resistance and kidney damages. The effective measures for preventing recurring prostatitis include keeping the perineum clean and dry, avoiding overwork, practising safe and regular sex, avoid spicy and irritating foods, and taking appropriate exercise, etc. These measures can help patients relieve the prostatitis symptoms and prevent from getting bacterial infections.
Prostatitis can be induced by many factors, such as reduced immunity, poor hygiene, unhealthy living habits, unsafe sexual intercourse, etc. Under these situations, the pathogens and causative bacteria will be more likely to invade the prostate and lead to a new infection.
In fact, it is not difficult to prevent recurring prostatitis if the patient can strictly persist in the precautionary measures. In addition, patients should also pay more attention to the daily diet, it’s of necessity to avoid food that may irritate the prostate, such as spicy food, alcohol, cigarette, coffee, red meat, sweets, etc. 
Except for the precautionary measures, patients can also try a different medication treatment to manage the recurring prostatitis. For example, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a new treatment option for the prostatitis treatment. It has helped many patients back to their normal life. The herbs in the pill can work on the elimination of bacteria and the inflammation effectively. The relapse rate by taking this herbal medicine is much lower than antibiotic treatment. 

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