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The Adverse Effect of Prostatitis on Semen Quality

Experts point out that men suffering from prostatitis could encounter future male infertility if not getting timely and effective treatment. Gestation of offspring is a matter for both men and women, prostatitis will affect fertility because it affects the quality of sperm. 

What effect does prostatitis have on sperm quality? 
Sperm and seminal plasma mix to form semen. Sperm are numerous and are living cells present in the seminiferous tubules of the testes. Seminal plasma is composed of testicular fluid, prostatic fluid, urethral gland fluid, etc. When the prostate is inflamed, the quality of the prostatic fluid changes, interfering with sperm survival and motility. So prostatitis can affect sperm quality. 
Adverse Effect of prostatitis on sperm quality: 
1.Reduce the survival rate of sperm. The prostatic fluid secreted by the prostate gland is a component of semen that supplies nutrients to the sperm. If inflammation occurs, prostatic fluid also contains large amounts of bacteria and bacterial toxins due to the presence of inflammation, which can deplete the nutrient content of seminal plasma and thus affect sperm survival. 
2. Reduce the motility of sperm. When the prostate appears inflammation, enzyme activity of prostatic fluid will decline, so that the liquefaction time of semen extends, obstructing sperm mobility. 
3. Kill the sperm. Prostate inflammation will make the body produce anti-sperm antibodies which can be sperm killing.
To diagnose and treat prostatitis caused by various reasons with high efficiency, in addition to the use of authoritative technical therapy, doctors will also take corresponding psychological adjuvant therapy according to the degree of illness of patients. In order to facilitate patients in need to better understand the disease-related information, Dr.Lee, has opened an expert online consultation service, specially set up in her TCM clinic.
Medical experts will answer relevant questions online, provide professional and personalized guidance according to the symptoms condition, as well as professional treatment plan, and keep patients' disease information confidential. They have developed a patented formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which treat bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis it is proved to be a radical cure, with almost no recurrence after healing, and no side effects. 
Three stages of treatment for chronic prostatitis by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill:
Stage1: Heat-clearing and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and sterilization; 
Stage2: Blood circulation promoting and blood stasis removing, pain relieving; 
Stage3: Invigorate the kidney, replenish vital energy, increase disease resistance, reduce recurrence, improve sexuality, treat premature ejaculation, and improve sperm quality.

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