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Can Stress Induce Prostatitis?

Half of the patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis have anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism, and other symptoms of excessive tension. Patients with prostatitis accompanied by pain and neurasthenia often exaggerate physical discomfort and pain, and their conscious symptoms are often greater than the actual condition, which is called tension prostatitis.

The etiology of chronic prostatitis is very complicated. At present, the medical profession believes that it is related to race, sexual life, growth factors, inflammatory mediators, and other biochemical substances. Nowadays, more and more investigations show that mental stress is also one of the important inducing factors of chronic prostatitis.
Industry experts, through research, found that some personality types have a connection with prostatitis; these personality types are within the normal range, do not reflect any mental illness. According to experts, the autonomic nervous system is distributed in prostate tissue.
When the autonomic nervous system is stimulated by tension, gland secretion increases, muscle contraction increases, patients will show discomfort and frequent urination, and pain will occur when the discomfort sensation reaches a certain degree. Experimental data suggest that stress may be the cause of chronic prostatitis, short-term or long-term stress stimulation can induce a response similar to human prostatitis in cats.
Prostatitis mostly occurs in middle-aged men, which is directly related to the social responsibility and mental stress of middle-aged people. Knowing nothing about chronic prostatitis is an important factor that causes mental illness in patients. It should be noted that some media or advertisements lack scientific propaganda for the disease, or exaggerate the harm of the disease.
This propaganda not only causes mental tension of patients but also increase their chances and increase their psychological burden. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to learn and understand the disease, know how to seek medical advice, and adhere to treatment.
Many patients are shy because of introversion and feel embarrassed to speak out. When suffering from prostate diseases, they are prone to anxiety, depression, terror, pessimism, and other psychological disorders. Only by facing reality, seeking medical treatment in time and telling the doctor truthfully about the symptoms and related conditions of the disease, can patients prevent and remove psychological barriers and actively cooperate with the treatment.
Miller, a British scientist, found that prostatitis patients had different degrees of tension when symptoms were aggravated, such as fatigue, fatigue, and anxiety. He points out that behavioral therapy to eliminate stress is beneficial to the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, 80% of the patients achieved good results by using the behavior of eliminating tension without any medication, physiotherapy, and massage. Leukocyte in prostatic fluid decreased to almost normal, bacterial culture also changed from positive to negative, testicular drop pain, lumbago symptoms.
If the condition is serious, you can also choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, which is also a good program for prostatic patients. The use of the antidote of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has completely reached the effect of broad-spectrum antibiotics of chemical medicine, which can effectively kill fungi and eliminate inflammation.
Tips: Do not judge the causes of the condition by yourself; it is suggested to go to the professional hospitals for diagnosis before they can prescribe the medications for you.
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