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Prostatitis Tends To Recur In Winter -- How To Protect The Prostate

Prostate diseases like prostatitis are a serious threat to the health of male friends, and for the elderly suffering from prostatic hyperplasia, their condition in winter can be easily deteriorated. Winter is the time with high incidence of prostate diseases, so men should pay special attention to the prostate health and keep warm for the prevention of the disease.

The onset of prostate diseases is closely related to the season. Cold weather has a great negative impact on the prostate gland. More than 60% of patients with prostatitis will make the disease relapse or worsen in winter. So don't ignore the threat to your prostate in winter.
At low temperatures, the excitability of the prostatic sympathetic nerve can be significantly enhanced, causing the prostate gland to contract, causing chronic congestion, thus leading to increased pressure in the urethra. The change of urethra will aggravate the stasis of prostatic fluid, leading to the outbreak of prostate diseases, so that patients may suffer from frequent urination, urgent urination, nocturia, urinary, perineal and testicular pain plus other symptoms.
In addition, as the weather gets colder, the amount of water intake and the opportunities for outdoor activities in patients will be decreased, making the urination frequency decreased as well. It also means the your metabolism slows down, which can also aggravate the prostatitis. What' worse, because of the cold, many men tend to sit on the chair or lie in bed all the day, which can also put a lot of pressure on the prostate, leading to congestion and exacerbating prostatitis.
As a result, if you want to protect your prostate gland, you should overcome the challenge of cold. In winter, it is encouraged to do more exercise, which boosts your immune system, makes you less susceptible to germs, and generates heat, which helps you keep warm. You should also drink more hot water to activate the blood circulation and metabolism of your body.
Because of the extremely cold air, many people are unwilling to take a bath. If you don't bathe for long periods of time, your private areas can easily get moist, causing bacteria to grow, which is not conducive to the recovery of prostate health. You should also take notice of your sexual life and personal hygiene. Keeping moderate sexual life can help you avoid the aggravation of prostatitis.
In any case, if you have prostatitis, you should seek treatment immediately. Winter is a time for rest, and it's also a great time for your treatment at ease.
In general, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to cure prostatitis, especially the chronic prostatitis. It can remove toxins, eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, and improve the body's immunity. In addition, it is non-toxic and leads to no side effects, and has a very obvious positive effect on the improvement of male health.
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