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Six Habits That Hurt A Man's Prostate Most

Being sedentary

The prostate gland is an accessory gonad, shaped like an inverted cone between the bladder and pelvic floor muscles that encloses the urethra. Its position determines that a man is largely sitting on the prostate, so men who sit for a long time have a heavier burden on the prostate gland. As a result of compression, it is easy to cause prostatic congestion, local accumulation of metabolites, prostate gland duct obstruction and poor excretion of gland fluid, leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis thereby.

Excessive drinking

After drinking alcohol, it will be slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and travel to all parts of the body. Prostate is a very sensitive organ to alcohol, and local capillaries rapidly dilate and get congested due to the stimulation, leading to edema. The higher the blood alcohol level is, the more the prostate is swollen. If the swelling does not get released for a long time, it will cause inflammation, namely prostatitis.

Eating spicy food

Green onion, raw garlic, pepper, and other irritant food can cause vascular dilation and organ congestion, reduce the resistance of the prostate gland. It may also let the bacteria living in the prostate gland grow and reproduce in large numbers, inducing acute prostatitis, or aggravating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Being unable to stay away from spicy food is an important cause of prostatitis recurrence.

Catching (a) cold

Prostate has rich adrenal receptors, when it is cold, it is easy to cause sympathetic nerve excitement, causing gland contraction, increasing the pressure inside the urethra and affecting urination. Difficulty in urination will have an adverse effect on the prostate, and the vicious cycle will make the prostate get diseased.

Holding urine

Prostate disease in winter is the most easy to come on and relapse, which is related to that many people do not want to get up at night after the cold weather, tending to hold back urine. In the low temperature environment, the excitability of the prostate sympathetic nerve would have been significantly enhanced, so that it may lead to the prostate gland contraction, causing chronic congestion, resulting in increased pressure in the urethra, aggravating the deposition of prostatic fluid, which will be easy to lead to prostate disease attacks. If you hold your urine without drinking water, the decreased number of urination will reduce the metabolic rate, which will aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.

Irregular sexual life

Having sex too frequently can lead to excessive congestion of the prostate and induce prostatitis. Excessive depression on sexual desire can also make the prostate fluid siltation, inducing inflammation. In addition, the interruption of sexual intercourse before ejaculation or in vitro sperm discharge will affect the prostate health.
Getting rid of these habits mentioned above is the first and every step to protect your prostate gland, but it's also important to treat prostatitis if you've been struggling with it for a long time.
For the treatment of chronic prostatitis, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to male patients. This is a natural medicine that can help you relieve urinary pain, solve inflammation, improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It can make your prostate gland healthier if you keep on the treatment for a long time. It won’t lead to any side effects, so you can totally count on it.
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