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How to prevent non-bacterial prostatitis?


Unlike bacterial prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis isn't caused by bacteria. Although prostate has symptoms and the number of white blood cells in prostatic fluid is increased, no bacteria can be found in prostatic fluid. Non-bacterial prostatitis is a stubborn disease. Therefore, preventing prostatitis is necessary. How to prevent the non-bacterial prostatitis? 

Proper massage on perineum

It is better for men to massage perineum twice a day, 10 minutes each time. When doing the massage, men shouldn't use too much strength. This way can improve the blood circulation of prostate gland.

Drink more water

Water is treasure. Not only the blood, but also the urine can also be thinned by water. Moreover, drinking more water can also enhance the inner metabolism and immunity. Therefore, this way can help men be far away from inflammation. However, holding urine can strongly stimulate prostate, so men should avoid holding urine.

Avoid frequent sexual intercourse

Frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation makes prostate congest for a long time, which commonly brings inflammation to prostate gland.

Cure inflammation on the adjacent organs of prostate

If there is inflammation or infection on the adjacent organs of prostate, without proper or timely treatment, prostate gland is easy to be invaded by the inflammation or infection. Therefore, to cure the inflammation on the adjacent organs of prostate, herbal pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is better because this herbal pill has strong effect of clearing away heat and toxic materials.

Pay attention to living habits

Spicy food like pepper, onion, ginger and so on can bring congestion to prostate gland too. Therefore, men also need to avoid spicy food. What's more, cigarette and alcohol should be also avoided. It is better for patients to eat more fruit and vegetables like apple and tomato.

Do exercise everyday

Exercises are good for improving immunity and resistance ability. What's more, the blood circulation and health of prostate gland can also be enhanced too. Furthermore, it is also important for men to keep a  good mood.

Although non-bacterial prostatitis can be prevented by lots of methods, perseverance is the key factor. Therefore, if you want to follow these methods to avoid non-bacterial prostatitis, please do not forget the perseverance. 



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