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Does Masturbation Help Relieve Prostatitis Pain?

What is masturbation?

Masturbation means people satisfied their own sexy desire by themselves so that they can obtain pleasant sensation and consolation from sexuality. In fact, masturbating belongs to a normal physiological phenomenon and it is widespread among human beings.
Is masturbation really helpful for relieving prostatitis pain?
A research done by modern medical expert and sexual psychologist shows that normal masturbating can provide positive significance because masturbating means having sex in a sense. As for unmarried men with prostatitis, married men who cannot have normal sex because of various reasons, moderate masturbating can bring some favorable results.
The most important thing is that moderate masturbating contributes to clear up prostatic fluid, prevent the siltation of prostate. In such a case, it is helpful to protect and restore the function of prostate, relieve prostatitis pain.
However, excessive masturbating means excessive sex, which certainly does harm to health. Generally speaking, frequently masturbating can cause congestion of prostate so that it seriously influences the normal secretion and excretory function of prostate. If so, it might be a way to cause prostatitis.
Also, someone masturbating always stays in a state of excitement and nerves. If the surrounding just changes a little, the process of masturbating will be affected and then the person cannot achieve ejaculation. At that time, congestion of prostate becomes recurrent, which results in an incurable prostatitis.
Although excessive masturbating may cause prostatitis, it does not mean frequently masturbating must result in prostatitis. 
To a certain extent, masturbating can help prostatitis pain but it just cures the symptoms, not the disease. Therefore, here introduces an effective pill to treat prostatitis pain from root causes.
An effective remedy for relieving prostatitis pain: Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, developed by herbalist Lee Xiaoping, contributes to clear away infections completely by working directly into reproductive system and urinary system. The most exciting thing is that taking this pill can cure prostatitis from root causes within three months because it can kill many pathogens and germs.
In addition, taking such a pill to cure prostatitis can bring no side effects as it is made of natural herbs, which must be good news for prostatitis patients.
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