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Wax Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Wax therapy is not only a traditional Chinese medicine therapy but also a natural therapy. It uses heated wax as a conductor to coat the uncomfortable parts of the human body for the purpose of treating some diseases.
1. Hyperthermia effect
The hyperthermia effect of wax therapy is great and strong and lasting. It can be as deep as 0.2-1cm subcutaneous treatment, local skin blood vessels expand, promote blood circulation and improve metabolism process, enhance cell membrane permeability, benefit the absorption of lymph and blood exudate in symptoms, help the inflammation subside, improve metabolism and have the effect of pain relief.
2. Mechanical compression
Because paraffin has good plasticity and viscosity, it can contact with skin closely. In the cooling process, its volume is reduced, which can produce soft mechanical compression on the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It can not only prevent lymph and blood exudation in the tissue but also promote the absorption of exudate.
Traditional Chinese medicine wax therapy has made great progress in technology and diagnosis and treatment effect, but it has not formed scale and been known as acupuncture and massage. Although wax therapy has a certain adjuvant effect on chronic pelvic pain syndrome, please consult your doctor before adopting it.
In addition, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a good effect on chronic pelvic pain syndrome can also be taken for treatment. This pill is made of more than 50 kinds of Chinese herbs, compared with the single component antibiotics; it has no drug resistance, no side effects, allergic reactions, and so on.
What’s more, it can accelerate metabolism, improve the blood circulation of the prostate so as to effectively relieve the symptoms of patients such as urinary stimulation, pain, and discomfort in the abdomen and perineum.
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