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These Symptoms All Hint At One Thing: Prostatitis!

Both men and women have common chronic diseases that bother people. Among them, prostatitis is a common disease, which seriously endangers male physical and mental health. What are the symptoms of prostatitis? What are the factors that induce prostate? How can men prevent prostatitis in their lives?

What are the symptoms of prostatitis?
Patients with prostatitis often experience frequent urination, burning of the urethra during urination, pain and radiation to the head of the penis, and dysuria. There may be mucus and other secretions in the urethra in the morning.
Patients with prostatitis may have pain in the perineum, distended discomfort in the posterior urethra, perineum, anus, waist pain, insomnia and dreaminess, dizziness and fatigue, and other symptoms of neurasthenia.
Severe prostatitis patients will also experience loss of libido, painful ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and affect the quality of semen and male fertility problems.

What are the factors that induce prostate?
1. Many office men, drivers, and other groups sit for a long time, easily congest the prostate.
2. Men who drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, eat spicy food, and the irregular life of husband and wife are also prone to prostatic hyperemia, swelling, and prostate disease. Prostate congestion is an essential factor in inducing prostatitis and should be paid attention to by men.
3. Many men have anxiety and tension due to busy work. Excessive mental stress is an important cause of prostatitis.
4. Many men don't like to drink water, which can quickly induce prostatitis. Men's body water is insufficiently replenished, the urine is concentrated, the frequency of urination is reduced, and the harmful substances in the urine can harm the prostate.
Exercise can prevent prostatitis
Men should develop the habit of exercising, which significantly benefits physical fitness and disease prevention. Everyone knows the meaning and importance of life to the human body.
Suppose men continue to exercise for a long time. In that case, the body's blood circulation will be accelerated, and the congestion of the pelvic cavity and prostate will be relieved, which will help prevent prostatitis. Moderate exercise can also reduce various symptoms such as backache, abdominal discomfort, and neurasthenia caused by chronic prostatitis.
Men should drink plenty of water after exercise. With the loss of sweat, the urine will be concentrated, increasing the burden on the functioning of the prostate. Therefore, drinking more water and urinating more can help prevent prostatitis and excrete more toxins from the body.
Sports can relax people's moods, relieve tension, eliminate stress, and so on. After the pressure, anxiety, and other emotions are cleared, it will help prevent prostatitis.
Of course, exercise is only one of the ways. In addition to acting, men must develop good living habits and work and rest styles, stay up late, avoid excessive smoking and alcoholism. These are all conducive to preventing prostatitis.
How to treat prostatitis?
The symptoms of prostatitis can be transformed from the local to the whole body, causing a series of symptoms, such as dysuria, pelvic pain, and even systemic symptoms such as neurasthenia, dizziness, tinnitus, back pain, etc. Therefore, early detection and early treatment are crucial. How is prostatitis treated?
1. Antibacterial treatment
The double-balloon catheter is used to close the urethra of the prostate, and the antibiotic solution is injected from the urethra cavity to flow back into the prostate tube, which can achieve the purpose of treatment.
2. Medication
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can significantly improve symptoms. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing, and detoxifying effects. It can reduce inflammation and relieve pain—effective treatment of chronic prostatitis. And the recurrence rate is low. Long-term use will not have drug resistance, and it can also clear the meridians and nourish the body.
3. Physiotherapy
Prostate massage can drain the concentrated secretions in the prostate tube and drain the infected foci in the obstructed area of the gland. Therefore, you can use antibiotics for stubborn cases and do a prostate massage every 3-7 days. Various physical factors are used for prostate physiotherapies, such as microwave, radiofrequency, ultrashort wave, mediumwave, and hot water bath, which can relax the prostate, posterior urethral smooth muscle, and pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the antibacterial effect and relieve pain symptoms.
4. Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment can be used for recurrent chronic bacterial prostatitis. Prostate removal can achieve the purpose of cure, but it should be used with caution. Because prostatitis usually involves the peripheral zone of the glands, it is difficult to achieve the goal of treatment by transurethral resection prostate (TURP).

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