Why Do You Need To Exercise More?

Exercise is a form of discipline involving human beings committing to a certain lifestyle and set of boundaries. As you know, the importance is down to the truth that creatures thrive by exercise, which is no exception for patients with chronic prostatitis.


As the largest accessory sex organ of man, prostate is of vital importance to sexual function and procreation, and it also plays an extremely important role in keeping urinary system clear and unclogged.


prostatitis and exercise

Prostatitis is a common and prevalent disease in men. In clinical practice, many patients complain about suffering from chronic prostatitis. Due to the discomfort and pain, some patients have symptoms like lassitude and soreness in body and decreased energy. So they are disinclined to take part in physical exercise while tend to be couch potatoes for the whole day, which is not advocated for the sake of your body health.


So, why do you need to exercise more? For patients with prostatitis, there are many good rewards for your disciplined efforts. To begin with, the whole body including the local blood circulation of prostate is quickening after exercise, which will help to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms inside the prostate and promote inflammation resolution.


Doctors point out that proper exercise can give full play to the therapeutic effect of drugs, accelerate blood circulation through exercise, quickly and smoothly deliver the drugs which are usually not easy to reach the prostate , and meanwhile, improve the concentration of drugs in the prostate gland.



In addition, exercise can eliminate a lot symptoms due to chronic prostatitis, such as soreness and weakness of waist and knees, pain and discomfort in abdomen, perineum or other fractions, and neurasthenia.


The pain is usually caused by the blood and qi blockage, according to the point of traditional Chinese medicine. The blood circulation of the prostate is accelerated after exercises. It can make the prostate increase the secretion of liquid, dilute the bacteria, and also discharge the pathogens through urination or ejaculation. Also, the representative of trational Chinese medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for patients with chronic prostatitis. If needed, you can have a try.


As a result, it can be seen that in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, do not forget to exercise properly. Of course, when choosing sports, we should avoid cycling, motorcycling and horseback riding. That is because sitting for a long time can make prostate under long-term pressure, result in poor local blood circulation, and aggravate congestion and blood stasis, which is unfavorable for original congestion and edema in chronic prostatitis.


prostatitis and exercise

For those who have no time for outdoor exercise, they may be more likely to do somethings at home. Maybe you can try levator ani sports, which can be performed anytime, anywhere with no time or space limitation. Simply, jut lift up and shrink anus region, and then relax, do it repeatedly and regularly. Easy but effective.


What you plant now, you will harvest later. So keep on the plan you have made and through these daily movements, you can be a more powerful and healthier man in the future.



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