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Male Lesson -- Dialectic Treatment Of Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is more refractory than acute prostatitis. The symptoms of chronic prostatitis vary widely. Some have no symptoms, others feature very serious typical symptoms. 

prostatitis in men
Simply speaking, the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are similar to those of acute bacterial prostatitis, but they are not intense, which indicates that men with a flare-up of chronic bacterial prostatitis tend to be less ill than those with acute prostatitis, such as, a fever (high temperature) is less likely and you are less likely to have general aches and pains.
Men with chronic prostatitis tend to have symptoms up and down. During a flare-up, you experience pain and discomfort. You feel this mainly at the base of your penis, around your anus, just above your pubic bone and/or in your lower back. Further, the pain may spread to your penis , testes, and anus.
Besides, you may suffer from symptoms from a urine infection such as pain when you pass urine, passing urine frequently or an urgent desire to pass urine. You may experience impotence, ejaculation may sometimes be painful and some men have worse pain after having sex. And you may feel tired, and have general aches and pains.
In clinical practice, the combination of chemical medical testing and the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is powerful. Doctors have combined the test result of Western medicine into the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to instruct the clinical treatment. 
Firstly, through chemical medicine, in the acute phase of congestive prostatitis, prostate tube and interstitial cells are filled with congestion and edema, which forms more small abscesses and the small abscesses gradually increase. 
Due to prostate fibrous lesions in the chronic prostatitis, the gland ducts are obstructed by pus or epithelial cells. Doctors use drugs supporting blood circulation in traditional Chinese medicine combined with detoxification bactericide anti-proliferative, anti-fibrosis, to open the blockage of the duct, eliminating the pathological changes caused by prostatitis and return them to normal.
prostatitis in men
The traditional Chinese medicine in modern times can combine the chemical medicine to analyze the diseases and better understand the diseases so that the complete prescription of traditional Chinese medicine can be formulated to cure the diseases once for all, which is often used in treating prostatitis.
Also, you should notice the dialectic treatment when treating chronic prostatitis. The treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine is the view of entirety and dialectic treatment. So doctors must firstly make clear mycoplasma, prostatitis, bulge, pain, and bladder irritation to suit the remedy to the case. 
Dr. Lee who have created Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have studied on male and female urogenital problems for about thirty and have successfully proved that the herbal medicine works well on patients with chronic prostatitis and other urogenital problems like epididymitis, orchitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on. Due to its advantages over chemical medicine, it has been widely used in clinical practice in recent years.
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