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Prostatitis is Not Horrible: Dietary and Living Habits Can Defeat It

Prostatitis is a prevalent urinary system disease. The prostate is a very fragile organ. When stimulated, it is prone to damage, which will affect the body and cause some complications. Therefore, patients with prostatitis need to develop good eating and living habits to promote the recovery of the disease and reduce the recurrence rate.

What foods should prostatitis patients eat more?

1. Vitamin-rich foods
Vitamin B and vitamin C can help prostatitis improve symptoms. Thus, the daily diet should be based on foods rich in vitamins. Vitamins can help regulate adrenaline and promote body metabolism. Common vitamin-rich foods are fresh fruits and vegetables.
2. Food that is rich in trace elements
Patients with prostatitis need to supplement zinc, which can help men enhance the body's ability to resist diseases.
3. Diuretic food
Diuretic foods can help urinate and relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. Common diuretic foods include wax gourd and mung beans.
4. Food that is rich in dietary fiber
Dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis and avoid congestion caused by constipation in patients with prostatitis. Common foods rich in dietary fiber include sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, etc.
What are the dietary taboos for patients with prostatitis?

1. Avoid smoking and drinking
Tobacco and alcohol contain irritating ingredients that can damage the prostate. Smoking and drinking for a long time can easily cause the prostate to be stimulated, leading to prostate congestion and aggravating the condition.
2. Avoid spicy food
Patients with prostatitis should avoid eating spicy food like chili, garlic, etc. These foods can irritate the prostate, causing blood vessels to dilate and congest. Frequent consumption of them will aggravate getting angry, which is not conducive to recovery from prostatitis.
3. Avoid seafood and mutton
Seafood, mutton, and other meats are irritating. Prostatitis patients will stimulate the prostate after eating them, making the disease more and more serious. Therefore, patients with prostatitis should reduce the intake of such foods to decrease the chance of repeated infections.
In addition to diet, patients with prostatitis should avoid the following bad habits:

1. Sedentary and staying up late
Often staying up late and sitting for a long time will cause excessive extrusion of the prostate and cause poor circulation. The prostate has many glandular ducts, and the secretion function is strong, but the lumen is very narrow. Impairment of blood circulation will lead to obstruction of fluid discharge in the gland and stasis, which will cause local inflammation.
2. Not paying attention to hygiene
Infection can easily occur if hygiene is poor. The main route of prostate infection is urinary tract infection, which retrogrades into the male reproductive system from the opening of the ejaculatory duct in the posterior urethra, leading to secondary infection of the prostate or seminal vesicles.
3. Unhealthy sexual habits
If males have a too frequent sexual life, excessive masturbation, and long-term abstinence, it is easy to cause local abnormalities and congestion of the prostate gland, leading to prostatitis.
4. Drinking too little water
If you drink too little water, it is easy to increase the concentration of urine and cause certain stimulation to the male prostate. Over time, it will increase the risk of prostatitis. Therefore, men must drink plenty of water in their daily lives. Drinking plenty of water can promote the excretion of urine, dilute the concentration of urine, and reduce the stimulation of the prostate. Drinking plenty of water can also help men expel bacteria and viruses in the prostate, thereby improving the symptoms of prostatitis.
A healthy diet can effectively prevent and treat prostatitis. Supplementing vitamins, dietary fiber, and trace elements can help alleviate the condition. Patients with prostatitis can be treated with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. At the same time, pay attention to hygiene in daily life to avoid prostatitis caused by bacterial infection.
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